A bumblebee busy at work at Holkham Walled Garden


Meet the Team

Our volunteers come from a varied background with the majority living locally. They bring passion, enthusiasm, loyalty and many different skills and they are an integral part of the walled garden.

Dene Wood, Head of Park and Gardens

Dene Wood
Head Gardener, Dene joined the team in 2013. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the walled garden which includes managing and motivating our volunteers. Dene is particularly interested in the fruit and vegetable production, ensuring there is enough seasonal produce to go to the hall every week.

Simon Bosley

Simon Bosley
A Craft Gardener, Simon joined the team in 2008 and is Dene’s right hand man in the walled garden. Simon has a background in plant nurseries and propagation, which he puts to good use in the cut flower garden.

Sue Penlington, Education Manager at Holkham

Sue Penlington
Sue is Holkham’s Education Manager and joined the team in 2013 as the estate’s first education officer. Sue is responsible for arranging school visits, adult learning and family fun events and is assisted by two part-time education co-ordinators, Michaela and Will.

Helen Giles, Project Manager

Helen Giles
Project Manager, Helen joined the team on a freelance role in August 2015 as the Project Manager for the ‘Beyond the Walls’ Heritage Lottery Fund Development phase of the project. Helen is responsible for managing the different elements of the project to enable us to apply for additional sources of funding from both the HLF and other sources.